Nur76 ULTRAWHITE Facial Cleanser - Deep exfoliator with skin lightening extract.

Nur76 ULTRAWHITE Facial Cleanser - Deep exfoliator with skin lightening extract.

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Nur76 ULTRAWHITE Facial Cleanser

VOLUME: 340g  (bigger volume than the previous batch!)

This cleanser penetrates deep into skin pore leaving behind formulations of the lightening extract, this helps to accelerate the lightening process. Cleanser is used for lightening the overall skin complexions and preventing the skin from becoming darker. Also cleans deep into skin pore preventing spots, pimples & Acne. This cleanser is more suitable for oily skin types.



How to use:
Moisten the body, take appropriate amount of scrub, message gently.spread evenly on the necessary areas (face, elbows, knee joints,etc.)

Just wash off with clean water. We highly recommend the Advanced UltraWhite Body lotion for maximum results.

It is recommended that the effect is best 1-2 times a week. This product is a deep exfoliator with skin lightening essential oils. 

Bergamot, essential oil, jojoba, sweet almond butter, shea butter, vitamin E, Pink Himalayan mineral salt, vitamin B3, sodium hyaluronate, bergamot essence oil, liquorice Extract, Sodium , Aloe Extract, sweet almond oil, vitamin C.


Please note: Actual container packaging/colour may be slightly different. We are constantly in the process of updating new packaging due to high volume orders placed. If there are any changes we will update on the product pages and also inform you. All products are genuine.

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